Why Does Centennial School District (ISD12) Need A Levy?

Since 2003, state funding for ISD12 has not kept up with inflation. In the 2017-2018 school year, that meant $4.23 million in lost revenue. The funding gap for providing necessary and deserved special education services was an additional $5.14 million. Since the state is underfunding education, ISD12 has to ask voters to make up the difference. The alternative is cutting more staff and cutting more programs. Centennial students need YOU to VOTE YES TWICE on November 6 to save quality education.

November 6 Ballot Questions for Centennial School District (ISD12):

Question #1: Operational funds. The district is asking voters to approve a $*** per student operational levy to increase the General Fund. This is money that will be used to restore some of the 60+ positions ISD12 has cut in the last three years, as well as for everyday operating expenses (think electricity and supplies). Safe and secure schools have enough staff to meet the academic and mental health needs of kids and adults.

Question #2: Capital funds. This question will fund building and grounds improvements. The safety and security of students is the driving force behind the proposals. Connecting the two high school buildings with a hallway (“the Link”) so that students don’t walk outside between buildings multiple times per day, replacing the Arena refrigeration system which is no longer up to code, and giving some TLC to the light and sound systems of the district’s performing arts centers are all priorities.

How Much Will The Two Levies Increase Taxes For Residents?

If you own property in the Centennial area, your property taxes will increase. If you own a home worth $225,000 and both questions pass, your tax increase would be around $32 per month. For $1 per day, YOU can VOTE YES TWICE to save quality education. If you’re a renter (or you’re a recent grad who still lives with your parents) you’re off the hook! Voters who don’t already pay property taxes will feel no economic impact.

How Do I Vote On November 6th?

Why Does Citizens Supporting Centennial Schools even exist?

By law, school districts can only provide factual, neutral information regarding proposed levies. They cannot ask citizens to vote yes, so CSCS will! Centennial needs YOU to VOTE YES TWICE to save quality education. Join us!