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(new!) Halloween Handout (for kids!)

(new!) Halloween Handout

October Pizza and Postcards Event – Come for the pizza, stay for the postcards!

Where can I vote early?

Thank you early bird voters!!

Voting: Get it done!

Centerville receives levy update from Centennial Schools – 9/27/2018 Quad Community Press

Budget gaps challenge Minnesota school districts – 9/25/2018 Star Tribune

Double vote yes 9/18/2018 Quad Community Press

Tis the season: Back to school – 8/28/2018 Quad Community Press

Comparison of Operating Levy Costs across Minnesota – Schools for Equity in Education

“Capitol Pizza” – Video explaining the comparison

State per-pupil funding lags behind inflation – Association of Metropolitan School Districts

ISD12 factual campaign page

ISD12 levy quick reference

Centennial seeks support in upcoming levy8/21/2018 Quad Community Press


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What is “The Link”?

What are the two questions?

Why are the two questions tied together?

Why do we need funding now?


Did You Know?

We have libraries without librarians?

We’ve cut 60+ teachers and paraprofessionals?